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The CVM Office of Teaching and Learning fosters innovation and promotes excellence in veterinary medical education through strategic support for curricular, instructional, and assessment activities in both clinical and pre-clinical environments. Our mission is to build community and culture around learning-centered education.

T&L staff members provide consultation and faculty development programming for the following:

  • Course design or re-design
  • Learning theory and its application in veterinary medical education
  • Identifying and measuring achievement of learning outcomes
  • Effective and innovative instructional models
  • Educational technology to enhance learning and promote collaboration
  • Maximizing learning and course management systems
  • Teaching and learning communities of practice
  • Evidence-based best practices or Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)
  • Methods for evaluating teaching effectiveness
  • Online, hybrid, or distance modules/courses

To schedule a consultation or to get assistance with any of the above, please email us at