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Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL)

The Office of Teaching & Learning both develops and supports Scholarship of Teaching & Learning at CVM, as well as Scholarship of A Picture of the Cover of the JVMEEducational Development.

Support for faculty seeking to improve instruction and learning contexts using an evidence-based approach and studying the effectiveness of classroom interventions may find OTL staff expertise valuable. OTL is able to provide:

  • Consultation on SoTL methodology.
  • Consultation on survey construction and data collection.
  • Literature reviews in the fields of pedagogy, educational technology, and learning sciences, among others.
  • Assistance in deployment of surveys and collection of data using various applications.
  • Qualitative analysis of data.
  • Quantitative analysis of data related to educational practices.
  • Assistance in developing and administering focus groups.
  • Assistance in classroom or learning module observation.

OTL’s SoTL projects focus on educational technology and student learning. In addition, we are able to provide workshops to faculty groups, learning communities, departments, etc., to broaden participation in this form of research and to help develop projects.

In veterinary medicine, the Journal of Veterinary Medical Education provides excellent examples of SoTL. JVME can be accessed through OSU’s libraries and here:

For information about advancing the research and practice of educational development in higher education, visit the POD Network:


SoTL Bibliography from Illinois State (PDF)

This resource provides a 19-page bibliography of SoTL resources ranging from books, to journal articles to websites.

OTL SoTL Presentation Part 1 (PDF)

This is a PowerPoint presentation saved off in PDF from a presentation given to faculty by Melinda Rhodes-DiSalvo (CVM OTL) and Teresa Johnson (UCAT) that begins to define what SoTL is and how the research is conducted.