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Multimodal Learning with Technologies

Learning technology has a wide range of applications in a student's learning experience, including organization, portable and easily-accessible information, and access to a wider range of learning materials and activities, such as audiovisuals and interactive modules. Learning experiences can be enhanced and made more effective with technology, but only if used in a meaningful manner. The goal of Office of Teaching and Learning is to help you with optimizing technological tools for your daily learning activities, both inside and outside of the classroom, while working with the instructors and the curriculum to affect technology-agnostic changes that’d improve the overall educational experience.

For all of our tech tips for students, visit this correspoding category from our updates. We are in the process of reorganizing our update articles, so please stay tuned!

Below are some of our current selections:

  • Increase Productivity with the iPad
  • Class of 2021 Students Evaluate iPads in the Classroom
  • Optimize Your Learning Workflow with iPad (webpage): This resource introduces you to some iPad apps, as well as the workflows that they can be confirmed to form, that you can use to enhance your daily learning processes.
  • Electronic Note Taking (PDF): This document provides information to assist you in identifying at least two applications for electronic note taking that would work for them (more apps in this post). You will also find information on evaluating strategies for effective curation and note taking (electronic or not) to help you to determine which strategies to adopt of adjust.
  • Working with PDF Course Materials(webpage): In order to optimize our faculty members' administrative time, the Office of Teaching and Learning has made a set of recommendations to faculty regarding the format of the electronic course materials that they provide to students - 1 slide/pg color PDF. This resource provides some tips and tricks for you to work with those materials more effectively.