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A Focus on Competencies and Entrustable Professional Activities

In March 2018, the American Association of Veterinary Medical Colleges rolled out its Competency-Based Veterinary Education recommendations including Entrustable Professional Activities (EPA’s) for new graduates at its meeting in Washington DC.

According to AAVMC, "Competency-based veterinary education is an approach modeled after competency-based medical education and is designed to prepare graduates for professional careers by confirming their ability to meet the needs of animals and the expectations of society. This approach focuses on outcomes-based and learner-centered education and assessment."

These materials can be used/adapted as needed by College’s of Veterinary Medicine as they review/revise their curriculums, and they are especially helpful to faculty aligning course outcomes with competencies or considering how their courses support education of a Day 1 veterinarian. 

The competency-based domains are outlined in a framework booklet and are accompanied by a set of EPA's.

PDF iconCBVE Framework.pdf

PDF iconEntrustable Professional Activities.pdf

If you are interested in how these might inform your teaching and course design, don't hesitate to contact our office.